Testimonials & Success Stories

 My daughter Caroline’s vision problems were detected from the Lions vision screening back when she was in 1st grade. We took her to a specialist and found out that she had cataracts in both eyes. Due to the rapid regression of her eyesight she goes to the eye doctor every six months instead of annually. After her first eye exam it was suggested that she be evaluated for Dyslexia which lead to a diagnosis of Surface Dyslexia. Without the Lions vision screening I would hate to find out how long it would have taken to discover these issues. 

 Thank you so much for extending your time and allowing Northside to be screened by your machine. Words cannot express the difference the “Spot test” machine made in the lives of these children. Most of the kids have astigmatisms which is not normally detected on the “school screenings. The kids in this booklet have gone up at least 2 reading levels since getting their glasses. 

Thank you again 
Sally Jackson RN BSN 
Northside School of the Arts 

The Lions Club referred a kindergarten student of mine for gaze (misalignment). Her vision was all within normal ranges. Her mom took her the eye doctor and they saw something on her ocular nerve and immediately sent her to a specialist. She has a grape sized, benign tumor on her ocular nerve. No other issues were noted, and she will be fine. With medications, and follow up, she should make a full recovery. Mom was very thankful for the Lions Club screenings as the doctor told her if this weren’t discovered by the time she was 7, she would have had vision damage. 

So, if the Lions Club wouldn’t have come, we would not have known. Hats off to the Lions Club! 

Martha Park RN BSN 
School Nurse 
Crowders Creek Elementary School